Applying to become a volunteer

CPPCR is a well-established facility, offering comprehensive child rights and protection services nowadays, which always benefits greatly from the generous support of volunteers. One of the CPPCR’s main principles, and reasons for its successes, is an emphasis on sustainability. For this reason, the CPPCR requires that volunteers be available for a minimum of three months (under some circumstances, minimum of one months is possible). A longer stay is encouraged for all volunteers.

CPPCR could benefit from a range of skills including organizational development, fundraising, and management and administration child protection, legal skills. Please note that volunteering at CPPCR would involve very minimal/occasional contact with children.

The CPPCR is unable to offer any financial support or accommodations, but living in Mae Sot can be accomplished on a fairly small budget.

If you are able to make the time commitment, we warmly welcome your application. Please forward a copy of your CV, and an estimate of the time that you would be available to the CPPCR. If we do have a volunteer placement for you, we will then request two letters of reference, and a copy of your passport. If you cannot make the commitment at this time, we hope you keep us in mind, and we encourage you to visit the the CPPCR if you have the opportunity.

We send out responses once a week from the office.

Thank you again for you interest.
Best regards,


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