Children and Youths Program: Participation to Leadership

The purpose of the program is to improve marginalized children, youths and women status in North West Thailand and Eastern Burma through strengthening child protection mechanism to migrant boarding schools.This program will seek to understand and empower children and youths at the migrant schools in Mae Sot that is able to take on and address any of the above issues in a coordinated, multi-sectoral manner. Trust and confidence among stakeholders is the essential first step given the legal, cultural, social and linguistic barriers. During the initial stage, the whole society will have an opportunity to realize the nature of conflict among parents or guardians, teachers, and children/youth. The targeting of above migrant population through the workshop and training, and youth talk initiative at the migrant boarding schools, which encourage children and migrant adults to actively think about their rights and take steps to claim their rights and realize their responsibilities. Analyzing and presenting the findings through the report for further intervention, We are still looking for a fund for further intervention.


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