Child Rights and Protection


Children and Youths Program – Participation to Leadership

The purpose of the project is to improve marginalized children, youths and women status in North West Thailand and Eastern Burma through strengthening child protection mechanism to migrant boarding schools. We are still looking for a fund to implement the project.

How We Respond Case Diagram – CPRS_Case Management Flow

Child Protection Response and Referral System

The Child Protection Response System (CPRS) program was initiated by the Committee for Protection and Promotion of Children’s Rights (CPPCR) in 2010, to respond to cases of abuse, neglect and exploitation amongst migrant children from Burma living in Tak province in Thailand. The CPRS was then included by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) as part of their IMPACT program later in 2010, working towards improved child protection outcomes for migrant children in the Mae Sot area. Since beginning the partnership in 2010, IRC and CPPCR have worked closely together with trained child protection Focal Points across 15 Community Based organizations (CBOs) and Non Government Organizations (NGOs) working with the migrant community. The IMPACT program ended in Aug 2013, and the responsibility for coordination of the program handed over to CPPCR.

Children Got Assist through the CPRS

CPRS Cases_2010 Aug to 2013 Sept
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Partner Agreement_EnglishVersion

Partner Agreement_BurmeseVersion

Child Protection Policy

Beginning with consultations in 2007, CPPCR has worked in partnership with other organizations to develop a Child Protection Policy (CPP) for organizations working with children and migrant learning centers in Mae Sot.  It had been identified that many organizations working with children, including schools, boarding houses and CBOs did not have a child protection policy.  Through a consultative process, CPPCR developed a child protection policy in-line with International and relevant to the migrant population. The policy is now implementing by Child Rights Working Group in conjunction with participating organizations, alongside conducting community based trainings with parents and children regarding the policy as well as children’s rights.

Education and Awareness Raising

The various education and information sessions held by our staff are conducted at locations easily accessible to people from the migrant communities. These include migrant schools, the Mae Tao Clinic, and in front of the private homes of community members willing
to help. We promote upcoming events and conduct sessions with the help of community
leaders, community organisers, and teachers at migrant schools.

go everywhere for children

go and help child case

community awareness about CHILD PROTECTION and BIRTH REGISTRATION at Naung Byar

community awareness about CHILD PROTECTION and BIRTH REGISTRATION at Naung Byar

Education in Remote Area_Wan Phar Child Participation

International Children Day 

CPPCR and its partners has recently celebrated 10th Children Day on 12 January 2013, same day with Thai Children’s Day, in promoting of child rights and child participation through educational and recreational activities such as speeches on rights, education andthe social and physical well being of the child. There were competitions, games and other activities arranged for the children to foster participation, competition and co-operation between children. The target group on the activities is Burmese Children who attended 74 Migrant Learning Centers and Internal Display Person in the Mae Sot and Phop Phra areas, Tak Province, Thailand.

To document this wonderful event, we have produced a short video of children day. .

Full version Download link with good resolution:

World Child Prize For the Rights of the Child (WCPRC)


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