10th Anniversary

CPPCR has recently celebrated 10 years of work in protecting children from statelessness through birth registration, and from abuse through child protection work and community awareness campaigns and advocacy. To document these achievements, CPPCR has produced a short booklet documenting 10 years of our work. The booklet contains information on the background to the situation in Burma and the need for birth registration for the thousands of children from Burma made stateless living in Thailand.

The booklet which is viewable online and available for download, is available in English, Thai and Burmese languages.

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Download document here:
UnitedKingdomFlag24x24English | ျမန္မာဘာသာ | ภาษาไทย


10th Anniversary Film

This 12 minute video documents the situation of stateless children from Burma living in Thailand, particularly those living along the Thai Burmese border. The film also explains the work done by CPPCR to address this issue through birth registration activities. It also describes, the changes to Thai law from 2008 allowing official birth registration for the children of undocumented parents at Thai district offices, and the work CPPCR is doing to assist families to have their children registered by Thai authorities.

The video is available in Burmese, with subtitled versions for English, Thai and Japanese.

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