Why Child Focus – CPPCR

By supporting our humanitarian charity for children you are making a conscious decision to improve the lives of children. We aim to protect intrinsic basic rights of the children of Burmese Parents and make them acquire full benefits of these rights.

We exist to help marginalized and exploited children of Burmese to help not to fall into victim of nation less, orphaned and being abuse and exploited children Mae Sot – Myawaddy, Thai-Burma border. We are a non-sectarian, non-political and not-for-profit organization that provides crucial support to children who really need it.

New Program Initiated

Strengthening Child Protection Mechanism in Mae Sot: The purpose of the project is to improve marginalized children, youths and women status in North West Thailand and Eastern Burma through strengthening child protection mechanism to migrant boarding schools. This program seeks to develop and establish a coherent protection system to include boarding schools in Mae Sot that is able to take on and address any of the issues in a coordinated, multi-sectoral manner. Trust and confidence among stakeholders is the essential first step given the legal, cultural, social and linguistic barriers.

An option to Describe

An option to Describelinguistic barriers

Let them discuss

Let them discuss

Listen when they said

Listen when they said






UNCRC’s 25 Years Anniversary

20 November 2014 becomes the 25 years of United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children. The CRC’s 25th anniversary presents a unique opportunity to take stock of the impact it has had and to provide a platform for reflection about the future of children’s rights implementation. This year we also celebrate the25th anniversary of the UNCRC– an important milestone.







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