Child Protection Referral System

During regular meetings with CBOs and NGOs regarding child protection issues it emerged that some serious cases of abuse within the CHILD PROTECTION REFERRAL SYSTEM migrant community from Burma had led to severe injury and even death of some children. These cases demanded a response due to the seriousness of the cases and because they were very well known within the migrant community and wider Thai society. The decision was made to develop a mechanism for actively responding to cases such as these.

In the refugee camps along the Thai/ Burma border the Catholic Offi ce for Emergency
Relief and Refugees (COERR) had already been involved in child protection and developed
a system for that context. This model was adopted, and used in developing a pilot program for responding to child abuse cases which became the Child Protection Referral
System (CPRS).

Once the structure was developed the pilot of this project was launched in 2009 with
the cooperation of other CBOs working in the migrant community. World Education
provided technical support through a series of trainings for staff and also provided funding. The program was considered a success as it quickly established itself within the community and was able to respond to very serious cases of abuse and intervene on behalf of children who were victims of abuse.

This initiative then led to the involvement of more partner organisations including the
International Rescue Committee (IRC). Eff orts were made to establish communication and cooperation with Thai authorities. Through a collaborative process CPRS was adopted
into the wider structure of a comprehensive system for addressing child protection issues in the area.

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