Birth Registration

Birth Registration is a major activity of CPPCR which help to protect a children from violations of their rights, Registering births is a preventative measure for the protection of children’s rights as it gives children a document to prove their identity ; it records their age,gender and the names and other identifying information of parents including country of origin.

For many years Mae Tao Clinic was issuing delivery certificates to the thousands of babies
born every year at the clinic to migrant parents from Burma. In 2003 CPPCR began registering births at the MTC issuing our more detailed documentation for birth registration.

Until recently the majority of CPPCR birth registrations occurred at the Mae Tao Clinic.
In 2005 registration was expanded to include areas surrounding the Mae Sot area.  Our staff set up temporary registration center at various locations accessible to the migrant community so that parents could bring their children to be registered. Through community awareness campaigns knowledge of our activities has increased greatly in the migrant community and the results of this can be clearly seen in the steady increase in the numbers of those registered by CPPCR.


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