10 year ago, activists and community workers form the expatriate community form Burma living tin Thailand who were concerned about the situation of children of migrants and displaced people form Burma becoming stateless, decided to form CPPCR . CPPCR was set up primarily for the purpose of documenting the births of children of migrants form Burma systematically so that one day those children would be given official recognition and legal status as citizens of Burma and not become stateless.

In 2002, CPPCR with strong backing form the Thai Human Rights Commission and the Lawyers Council of Thailand, began advocacy activities and started working towards registering the births of these children. With additional advice from the Burma Lawyers Council, CPPCR was able to develop a process for registering legal standards and thus recognizable as being a through and systematic process.

While aware that there was no guarantee the Thai or Burma Governments would recognize  the initiative , on May 2, 2003 , a birth registration centre was set up by CPPCR in Mae Sot which began registering children born to Burmese parents living in Thailand.

Since Then CPPCR has expanded its activities in birth registration significantly within the community . We have worked hard to promote the importance of registration within the migrant community form Burma especially since the change to Thai law in 2008 which allow undocumented migrants to have their children registered by the Thai authorities. We have also worked hard to advocate for the needs of children and parents made stateless. Since 2009 , CPPCR has expanded its work in child protection by being directly involved in responding to instances of abuse. We also continue to educate members of the community on issues of child rights and child abuse in an effort to protect children form the most serious forms of harm.

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