Advocacy and Networking

ADVOCACY AND NETWORKING From the beginning, CPPCR has been involved in advocacy for promoting the rights of children who are from Burma and those born to parents from Burma living in Thailand. Such advocacy and networking continue to be an essential part of CPPCR’s efforts to protect children.

To achieve the aim of protecting the rights of children and responding to children in need CPPCR has worked to build connections with other CBOs as well as NGOs working with the Burmese migrant community. We have also made connections with migrant community leaders the Thai authorities and members of civil society.

Meeting regularly with partner organisations to discuss child rights, displacement, statelessness and child protection has been vital for sharing ideas and information to address these issues. Networking has led to the development and implementation of various initiatives including the Coordination Team for Displaced Children’s Education and Protection (CTDCEP), the Child Protection Referral System, Child Protection Policy, and community education and awareness campaigns.

CPPCR has also been involved with other CBOs and NGOs in promoting the needs of
children who are at risk of severe harm in Mae Sot and surrounding regions. Although there have been various concerned individuals and organisations within Thai civil society and also within the government, the situation of many migrant children suff ering abuse
was previously receiving little or no official attention. Working with CBOs and Thai and
International NGOs, CPPCR has successfully raised awareness and concern for the plight
of migrant children from Burma with the Thai authorities. This has made it possible for CPPCR to work closely with these authorities in cases of serious abuse of children within the migrant community.


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