Why Child Focus – CPPCR

By supporting our humanitarian charity for children you are making a conscious decision to improve the lives of children. We aim to protect intrinsic basic rights of the children of Burmese Parents and make them acquire full benefits of these rights.

We exist to help marginalized and exploited children of Burmese to help not to fall into victim of nation less, orphaned and being abuse and exploited children Mae Sot – Myawaddy, Thai-Burma border. We are a non-sectarian, non-political and not-for-profit organization that provides crucial support to children who really need it.

Our Services

Our Services


CPPCR Selected as a Winner of Social Work by Department of Human Security and Social Welfare, Tak



Children and Youths Program: Participation to Leadership

The purpose of the project is to improve marginalized children, youths and women status in North West Thailand and Eastern Burma through strengthening child protection mechanism to migrant boarding schools. We are still looking for a fund to implement the project. Proposal

New forms of modern slavery on Children and Youth

Protect your Youth from Myanmar Human Trafficking

Myanmar Embassy Announcement on process of issuing passport for Pink card (60) days holder

Myanmar Embassy Announcement on process of issuing passport for Pink card (60) days holder

Process at one -stop service center registration(reveiving Pink card) 

Process at one-stop service center registration (receiving Pink card)

Report of one-stop service center visit(Thai)

Report of one-stop service center visit (Thai)

ขั้นตอนการจดทะเบียนแรงงานข้ามชาติ ณ ศูนย์เบ้ดเสร็จ

“I Want To Go To School, But I Need To Help Mum…”

Child migrant workers in the Thai-Burma border town of Mae Sot struggle to earn enough to survive, working in dirty, difficult and dangerous work, many miss out on an education and are vulnerable to exploitation. To mark World Day Against Child Labour, Karen News followed the story of one of Mae Sot’s child migrant workers, a garbage collector…
Read more Click Here

World Refugee Day

Forced removal of migrant workers from Kok Kwai community, Mae Sot!

Assessment Day Before Forced Removed

Assessment Day Before Forced Removed

Food Assistance 1

Food Assistance 1

Food Assistance 2

Food Assistance 2

Food Assistance 3

Food Assistance 3

2014 06 11__Fact sheet_forced removeal Kok Kwai community

2014 06 12__Situation update_situation update 1_forced removeal Kok Kwai community-1

Anti-Trafficking Day – 5 June 2014

A staff from CPPCR sharing knowledge about Trafficking

A staff from CPPCR sharing knowledge about Trafficking


Children' Performance

Children’ Performance

ASEAN Song by Children

ASEAN Song by Children

Anti-child trafficking day was held on 8th June 2014, near the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge. Most of NGO and CBOs organizations including CPPCR, IRC, MTC ,IOM, FED,World Vision ,FFW ,SAW ,MAP, OSCC and CDC which are helping for migrant community shared the knowledgeof child-trafficking , the information about the health insurance, the services of child protection andthe rights of migrant workers to passerby of Sunday Market by demonstrating role-play , giving the some gifts to appreciate the participation of knowledge testing awareness on relating to the migrant rights and performing Asian dance and U ShweYoe (a traditional dance performed by Burma) by young children from CDC school and SAW. On this day, most of the migrant workers became aware of how they can access health care, where to inform the emergency problem and who can help them.

Goodbye Kate! See you again

Goodbye Kate!

Last date with us

Last date with us


NLD Patron Visits Dr. Cynthia Maung on Thai Border

NLD visit Dr Cynthia

Founder of Mae Tao Clinic and of CPPCR
Sydney Peace Prize

Doctor of CTY2



Preparing for Abandon Children Issues Workshop at CPPCR office

More than 10 organizations met to explore possibilities of abandon children in terms of their rights if they are being cared under the 1) community-based organizations 2) Thai-registered foundations 3) Department of Social Welfare and Human Security. We decided to organize a workshop called Abandon Issues for Marginalized Children where community-based organizations, foundations, and government agencies will be invited and will explore the future action points together.

Successful Celebration on January 11 2014

Children Representatives from Migrant Schools Press Released after Opening Ceremony

Children Representatives from Migrant Schools Press Released after Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony consisted of formal speeches by Dr Cynthia Maung, village heads, and opinion leaders from the community at 8:30 (local time) on 11 Jan 2014 at the Children Development Center, Mae Sot. This was interspersed with dance performances from children and 1268 children aged between 5 to 18 years, 125 teachers from migrant schools, and 682 parents and staff from CBOs/NGOs joined the celebration. More than 1000 prizes were
given out children participated in “Arts and Literacy”, “Sports and Games”, “Quiz” activities where child rights education embedded.

Theme: “Empowering Children Towards a Peaceful World”

Preparation for International Children Day – January 11 2014

The Committee has resolved to organize and implement Children’s Day 2014 ceremony and activities for Burmese children who attended 74 migrant learning centers and Thai children who attended 4 Thai schools in the Mae Sot and Pop Pra area of Thailand. The celebration will consist of educational and recreational activities such as speeches on rights, education and the social and physical well being of the child. There will be competitions, games and other activities arranged for the children to foster participation, competition and co-operation between children. The target group on the activities is Burmese Children who attended 74 Migrant Learning Centers and Internal Display Person in the Mae Sot and Phop Phra areas, Tak Province, Thailand. Some Local Thai People will also be invited too to celebrate together with us that encourages good atmosphere for integrating into Thai society. One of the Key Programs for CPPCR in Year 2014 – 2015 is Youth Exchange and Participation Emphasizing “Changing: Participation to Facilitation”.Photos: “Capacity of Children toward Peaceful World”
Children Representatives from Migrant Schools

Preparation with Children for Children's Day Speech in 3 Languages

Pre-Meetings with Community Representatives and Children at the CPPCR Office

ICD 2014

ICD 2014


ICD Invitation Letter with Agenda_Eng Version Click Here

CPPCR’s Sixth Conference

The Sixth Conference of the Committee for Protection and Promotion of Child Rights (Burma) was successfully held on Jan 3 and 4 of 2014 at a place on Thai-Burma border attended by over seventy delegates from thirty organizations, legal experts and children’s representatives. The conference hereby issues this statement (Burmese Version) Statement 2014???????????????????????

English version will be available soon…

Dr Cynthia Maung Receives Honorary Doctorate in Medicine from Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand.(18 December 2013) – On the 18th December Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn presented Dr Cynthia Maung, Director of Mae Tao Clinic with an honorary doctorate in medicine from Ubon Ratchathani University (UBU). This is the first time that an academic institution in Thailand has provided such high recognition of the work of Dr Cynthia. The award was given in recognition of Dr Cynthia’s work in taking care of refugees and displaced people affected by war and helping underprivileged patients in the midst of ethnic conflict.Founder of MTC and CPPCR
CPPCR honorably attended “Workshop on Children Rights in the ASEAN Region” in Bangkok, Thailand.

Worshop on Children Rights in the ASEAN Region

Worshop on Children Rights in the ASEAN Region

The workshop had provided opportunities for learning and paving a good platform to meet various resource persons not only from ASEAN countries but also those commit themselves for protection and promotion of children rights around the world.

A trust betrayed

Alleged sexual abuse of three young students at a Mae Sot boarding school has led to calls for better protection systems

Migrant Children: The Most Vulnerable

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimates that of the world’s 215 million child labourers, 115 million are involved in hazardous work, including 41 million girls and 74 million boys; 53 million are aged 5-14, and 62 million are aged 15-17. The number of child labourers engaged in hazardous work between the ages of 15-17 is increasing.

Migrant Schools Offer Hope for Children

CPPCR’s Rights Based Approach Assessment Results by ADRA Thailand AMWRE Project
Rights Based Approach Rights Based Approach[/caption]
ျမန္မာအစိုးႏွင့္အျပည္ျပည္ဆိုင္ရာအလုပ္သမားအဖြဲ႕(ILO)တုိ႔ပူးေပါင္းၿပီး  ေအာက္တုိဘာလတြင္ ကေလးအလုပ္သမား ကိစၥႏွင့္ ပတ္သတ္၍ သေဘာတူ စာခ်ဳပ္ ခ်ဳပ္ဆိုမည္ျဖစ္ေၾကာင္း သိ ရသည္။
ျမန္မာအစိုးရႏွင့္ ILO သေဘာတူညီခ်က္ ၁၈၂ ခ်က္တြင္ပါ၀င္သည့္ ကေလးအလုပ္ သမား ျပႆနာသေဘာတူညီခ်က္ကို အတည္ျပဳ လက္မွတ္ေရးထုိး ရန္ ေၾကညာခဲ့ ၿပီး ျဖစ္ေၾကာင္း၊
ကေလးအလုပ္သမား ကိစၥ ILO ႏွင့္ သေဘာတူ စာခ်ဳပ္ ခ်ဳပ္ဆိုမည္

3 Days Communication and Presentation Skills Training, where 9 partner organizations attended, started on 10th September 2013 at the CPPCR office, generously supported by ADRA Thailand.

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